Inside Camp X: Trained to Forget

  Posted on Feb 18, 2016

You're going to be a spy. Some trait you have, skill you possess, language you speak or read, custom you know…  one of these things among many make you useful to the Allies during World War 2. And you're being sent to the pre-eminent training school in North America: Camp X, Ontario, Canada.

This historical walk-through of Camp X tells the tale of the top secret base through the eyes of an agent-in-training. Discover more about this real location, now demolished, that trained spies from Europe and North America and was instrumental in turning the tide for the Allies during the war.

Credits: Senior Producer, Mike Evans; Producer, Eva Riinitze; Visual Design, Vinit Mannan, Cinematographer & UAV Operator  Ed Middleton. Voiced by: Mike Evans, Sophie Kohn, Allen Martin, Nick McAnulty, Eva Riinitze, Calum Shanlin, Jesse Todd.

From research by Lynn Philip Hodgson (author) 

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