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3x04 - Feb 1, 2017

Sabine’s hopes for a fresh start are shattered when Faber reveals they’ve been blackmailed into bringing the Allied spies with them to Poland. Knowing the alternative is being hanged for treason, Sabine reluctantly agrees to allow Aurora to travel with her as friend of the family, Helene Bauer.

Once aboard the luxury train, Aurora connects with Heidi Adler, a vivacious, independent German woman who works alongside Schmidt in Poland. Aurora senses an opportunity to get closer to Operation Marigold – but the train is hijacked by a fierce group of Polish resistance fighters, and all lives are suddenly on the line as Franz Faber is taken hostage.

Meanwhile, Alfred, Neil and Harry’s journey is no easier. Without proper papers they’re forced to travel through Germany on a train bound for Poland’s concentration camps.

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