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3x02 - Jan 18, 2017

Sinclair and Faber agree on a direction – save lives and end the war early by targeting the German oil supply. Faber reluctantly allows Alfred and Aurora to go undercover at his lavish promotion party. Sabine’s father, Obergruppenführer Schmidt, oversees the German oil supply and Sinclair wants Aurora to get closer to him.

As Aurora cozies up to Schmidt, Alfred breaks into his hotel room and discovers a top-secret file: Operation Marigold. Details are scarce, but it’s clear the classified operation could lead to a massive surge in oil production, paving the way to a Nazi victory.

Sabine arrives late at her husband’s party, disheveled, tipsy… and ready to expose them all. Meanwhile, outside Paris, Neil and Harry are desperate to save Miri from a public execution. The Nazis are killing prisoners one by one, trying to intimidate an entire village into giving up Jacques Rigaud, one of France’s most famous resistance fighters. Back at Camp X, Krystina is locked in a battle of wits with Faber’s captured spy Schroeder. A successful interrogation could prove she’s ready for the field.

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