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Creon Vs. Ixion

3x01 - Jan 11, 2017

After the sobering losses at Dieppe, Sinclair joins the team in Paris, galvanized by the possibility of cultivating Franz Faber as a double agent. But is Faber’s wife onside?

An unwitting traitor by association, Sabine is a risk to herself and the entire team if she makes one wrong move – and she’s nowhere to be found. The two spymasters face off, world-class poker players gambling with human lives. Is the Brigadeführer really willing to help the Allies, or is it just the first move in a long con? When Sabine surfaces, Faber and the team are shocked to learn she’s with her father, Obergruppenführer Ulrich Schmidt, Minister of Natural Resources and one of Himmler's inner circle. Would Sabine seek the solace of the only other man she’s loved to betray her husband and the team? 

Meanwhile, Neil learns where Miri might be imprisoned, and against Sinclair’s orders, races to her rescue. Back at Camp X, Krystina goes undercover to ruthlessly hunt down Faber’s Canadian agent.

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