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Schein Und Sein

2x03 - Feb 10, 2016

With the team now on the top of the Gestapo’s Most Wanted List, Sinclair scrambles for a way get Alfred and René safely back to Camp X. Their only hope? New identity papers so they can make the dangerous crossing at the demarcation line between Occupied France and “Free” France. Neil and Harry befriend a group of Luftwaffe pilots who unwittingly help them get supplies for a patriotic French forger. Aurora finally gets a glimpse of the old René and their romance is rekindled, but she’s forced to take drastic steps when he’s nearly captured again. Meanwhile, Sinclair grills Alfred about whether or not Aurora had a chance to shoot him before he was captured. Alfred keeps Aurora’s secret and makes it clear to Sinclair that he didn’t break under torture. Hearing the answers he needs, Sinclair entrusts Alfred with details of a highly secret mission, set to take place in the upcoming weeks on the northern coast of France. Back at Camp X, Tom and Krystina find a way to throw the Nazis off the team’s trail.

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