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Nil Nocere

2x05 - Feb 24, 2016

Tom rejoins his team in France, with a new mission in hand. He’s confirmed the rumours of a French doctor with clever methods for smuggling Jewish families over the Swiss border to safety. Harry’s galvanized. He and Alfred re-connect with a Jewish family of refugees, while Tom tracks down the doctor. The escape plan goes flawlessly, until a grisly discovery shatters Harry’s faith in human decency and pushes him over the edge. Meanwhile, Neil gets closer to the mysterious new recruit Miri (aka Sister Marie), as they attempt to steal weapons and ammunition to supply their growing band of rebels. Aurora, still struggling with the death of René, finds a new safe house for her team and goes undercover to get closer to Franz Faber’s wife, Sabine. She’s surprised to discover there’s more to this Nazi wife than she thought.

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