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Night Will End

2x02 - Feb 3, 2016

Sinclair is on the ground in France and his first questions are for Aurora: how was Alfred taken alive? She holds to her story: she didn’t have a clear line of sight to take the shot. Sinclair, desperate to rescue his most prized asset, calls on an old friend who’s now a high-ranking Nazi, and coerces him into helping tear Alfred out of enemy hands.

Meanwhile, Franz Faber finds other ways to weaken Alfred’s resolve, forcing him to watch the terrifying torture of a fellow prisoner and friend. Then, intel lands in the hands of the Gestapo informing them of an imminent Resistance attack on their headquarters. The Germans are forced to move Alfred and four other high-value prisoners safely to Berlin, or risk losing them. Is there an attack on the way? Or is this part of a complex deception operation? Back at Camp X, Krystina hears that Tom is on his way home.

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