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La Vérité Vous Rendra Libre

2x07 - Mar 9, 2016

The team is shaken by the Nazis’ savage reprisals on the town of Terre-du-Fils, triggered by their assassination of a Wehrmacht General. Aurora struggles to maintain her leadership as divisions within the team grow deeper. She and Alfred leave for Paris, hoping to break into Franz Faber’s safe, while the rest prepare to attack a German munitions factory. Aurora meets with Sabine in a church, leaving the Faber apartment empty… but their conversation unexpectedly brings them closer than ever, confessing dark secrets they can share with no one else. Meanwhile in the woods, the team’s camp suffers a brutal attack by a German commando squad. The slaughter leaves their fledgling guerrilla army decimated, and Tom, Neil and Harry reeling with shock and betrayal. Alfred breaks into Faber’s safe, and is stunned to learn that Faber not only has inside knowledge about Camp X — he’s planning an attack within the next 24 hours.

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