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Butcher and Bolt

2x09 - Mar 23, 2016

Aurora fights to regain her team’s faith as Alfred finally reveals their Dieppe objectives: a raid on a German radar station in the midst of the Allied attack, and a daring attempt to steal the secrets of the Enigma machine. Alfred dons a Gestapo uniform for a solo incursion into the German Naval HQ where the Enigma is held. If he can imprint the machine’s secrets into his photographic memory, he’ll travel straight to England, to deliver the game-changing intel to the British. He and Aurora share a bittersweet goodbye as she heads off to lead the rest of the team, along with the remains of their guerrilla army to the radar station. They’re shocked to find the station massively fortified and defended by a German tank. Cornered and cut off, all seems lost for Aurora and the team. But a brave sacrifice and the appearance of unexpected Allies offer a second chance to pull off their most daunting mission yet…

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