After the sobering losses at Dieppe, Sinclair joins the team in Paris, galvanized by the tantalizing possibility of cultivating Franz Faber as a double agent. The two spymasters face off, world-class poker players gambling with human lives – as Sinclair sets his sights on bringing down Operation Marigold, a top-secret project that could catapult the Germans to victory. Though Sinclair maintains a businesslike exterior, inside he’s struggling to hold it all together, carrying the unspeakable weight of split-second, life-or-death decisions that can never be undone. When he comes face to face with his old friend Frommer (Klaus’s father), he faces an impossible choice – tell the truth that Klaus was killed at Sinclair’s orders, or lie to his friend to help the team. As the war increasingly takes its toll on Sinclair, we see his own needs as a man and father begin to outweigh his duty as Colonel.

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