Aurora begins on a high. Having so recently stood in triumph on top of a flaming German tank, and also having recruited Faber, she feels ready for anything. This season unfolds on a whole new battlefield, as Aurora goes deep undercover as Helene Bauer, weaving herself into Franz and Sabine Faber’s inner circle and doing whatever she has to do to get close to Sabine’s father, a high-ranking Nazi officer. When the team heads to Poland, Aurora befriends Heidi, a ruthless and indoctrinated young woman, securing a job alongside her at the Race and Resettlement office. Here, Aurora finds herself exposed to some of the Reich’s most horrific acts, which she is reluctantly forced to participate in herself. Aurora does everything she can to covertly save Jewish and Polish lives while maintaining her cover. And as the dark deeds in her workplace begin to form a permanent, sickening stain on her soul, she finds herself disturbingly drawn to the only person who might understand – Franz Faber. But throughout her ordeal she keeps her eyes locked on the goal: stopping Operation Marigold, no matter what the cost.

Canadian Media Fund