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Episode # 9

Photo by Flickr User: Sarah G

Beer & Braids: For generations, women have fought to have their efforts on the homefront recognized as legitimate work. Now, more men are taking up the same cause.

And many of them -- especially stay-at-home Dads -- are discovering that's it's awfully tough to cook dinner, do the laundry and break down stereotypes ... all while trying to break up a fight between a three-year-old and a five-year-old. It's something freelance writer and broadcaster Cameron Phillips knows about intimately. We aired his documentary Beer & Braids.

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Photo by Flickr User: Beverly & Pack

Awesome Jobs: Staying at home with the kids might  be Cameron Phillips' idea of an awesome job. Others might prefer to spend the night at the office. And in this economy, a lot of us feel that just having a job is awesome enough.

But for Vancouverite Sean Aiken, finding that awesome job became a job all on its own. He spent a year working one new job every week. He chronicled his experience in a documentary and a book called The One-Week Job Project.

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