Dennis Andres

Dennis Andres spent his childhood years growing up in Berlin, Germany with his little sister, mother, and father. His family immigrated to Canada in 1995 where they settled in Hamilton, Ontario.

Active in a variety of sports as a child, Andres trained extensively in Mixed Martial Arts and football, garnering a top spot in national championships in both activities. With a desire to give back and keep his skills sharp, he joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 2006 where he served with the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry. Not long after, Andres was encouraged by his high school drama teacher to try out for a SEARS festival play after he had noticed the right combination of physical ability and creativity in his student. A few years later Andres secured an agent and jumped into the film industry with both feet, booking a steady stream of commercials, television and feature films.

Some of his credits include a supporting lead role in ​Lady Psycho Killer ​starring Malcolm McDowell, Michael Madsen, Daniel Baldwin, and Guillermo Del Toro’s ​The Strain​ along with credits in ​Star Trek: Discovery​, ​Dark Matter​ and ​Killjoys​. In addition to the role of Ian Matthews in the CBC series ​Workin' Moms​, Andres recently shot a supporting lead role as Justin Hayes in the ABC pilot ​The Greatest American Hero​.