Dennis Andres

Dennis Andres immigrated to Canada from Germany with his family in 1995 settling in Hamilton, Ontario. Active in both martial arts and football growing up, Andres earned a black belt in Jujitsu, Wado Kai and Kickboxing and at the height of his career he competed in the World Karate Association (WKA) where he placed sixth in Canada and first in Ontario in Mixed Martial Arts. Simultaneously, he was also playing competitive football where his dream was to play in the NFL. After 10 years on the field and several concussions, Andres was forced to walk away from that dream.

In search of a new path and a way to give back to the community, Andres joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 2006 where he served for one year with the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry. Little did he know that a conversation with his high school drama teacher would change his life; encouraged to audition in the SEARS festival play, Andres booked his first lead role as George Spelvin in “The Actor’s Nightmare.” As a result of that experience, he immersed himself in acting and spent a few years working as a volunteer in a community theatre where he performed in several theatre productions including “Moon Over Buffalo,” “Blood Wedding,” and “Salt Water Moon.”

Looking to take his career into film and television, Andres was introduced to his current agent through a friend, and over the next several years booked several commercials, roles in television and ten feature films. Some of his credits include a supporting lead role in Lady Psycho Killer starring Malcolm McDowell, Michael Madsen, Daniel Baldwin and Guillermo Del Toro’s The Strain.