Workin’ Moms takes you back to 2005 in a special episode December 19

Posted on Dec 6, 2017

Celebrate this holiday season with this not-so festive outing as Workin' Moms brings you back to 2005 in this special prequel episode that airs Tuesday, December 19 at 9:30/10NT on CBC!

A 25-year-old, single, workaholic Kate wants nothing more than for her friend Anne to be happily married… but both she, and Anne, are having last minute doubts about the future of her union. Kate, on the other hand, has zero interest in marriage, preferring to attend Anne’s wedding with a ‘separated man,’ much to her mother Eleanor’s chagrin. But the night is young, and chance meetings can change one’s life.

As we ramp up to this monumental event in Kate and Anne's lives, let us help take you back with these sneak peek photos and a jammin' (yes, jammin') 2005 throwback playlist!



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