CBC North - Photo By Teddy Carter

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Historic Odeyak canoe returns to Eeyou Istchee

The canoe that brought worldwide attention to the Crees' struggle to save the Great Whale River from hydroelectric development in 1990 is finally coming back to Eeyou Istchee. After its remarkable journey from Whapmagoostui to New York, the Odeyak was housed in a canoe museum in Ontario. But now it returns to the north, to the new cultural institute in Ouje-Bougoumou. Vincent Georgekish spoke about the importance of the canoe with Dianne Reid, one of the organizers of the insitute.

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Whapmagoostui elder Andrew Natachequan remembers helping to build the Odeyak. Inuit and Cree collaborated to create the half-boat, half-kayak that would make its historic voyage to raise awareness of Cree rights. He shared his memories with Melissa Natachequan.

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