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with Betsy Longchap

Actor hopes film will breakdown stereotypes

ecorce2.pngA short film starring one of our Cree actors has won an award. The film - Le complexe de l'écorce - won "Jury Favorite" recently at the Cegep of Jonquière. The film stars Redfern Mianscum of Oujé-Bougamau, portraying the many struggles Aboriginal men today. Betsy Longchap spoke with Redfern about the project.

Eeyou Istchee's Dr. Darlene Kitty on the problem with racism in health care

dr-kitty.jpgA recent study showed that racism against Aboriginal people in the health-care system is wide-spread. The study - called First Peoples, Second Class Treatment - was released in early February by the Wellesley Institute, which researches public health issues.

Lindsay Visitor and Betsy Longchap bring us part 1 

Dr. Darlene Kitty says a lot can be done by the Cree Board of Health and Social Services to improve the care Cree patients get right in our own communities. Here is part 2 of our look at racism in health care.

Video promotes Cree love of hockey

hockey-day-2013-thumb.pngCrees love their hockey. Ashley Iserhoff is the President of the Cree Nation Bears. Betsy Longchap spoke with him about a video promoted as part of the Hockey Day in Canada about our young Cree hockey players.

Listen to the warnings about travel on JBH in storm: Eastmain Fire Chief

At least one traveller was stranded over the Christmas holiday when a winter storm shut down the James Bay Highway. Roger Weapenicappo is the Fire Chief in Eastmain. He says it's important for people to pay attention to the safety warnings about the James Bay Highway and not travel when the weather is bad. Betsy Longchap spoke with him.

Kaapishkwaapishkaashi Eeyou: Safe Winter Driving

Winter driving can be very challenging, especially in Eeyou Istchee with all the snow, ice and wind. On top of that, snow clearing and maintenance is not always done right away on the James Bay Highway and the access roads to the communities. But there are things travellers can do to stay safe on winter roads. That is the subject of today's Kaapishkwaapishkaashi EEyou with Fred Tomatuk.

Decline in graduation rates due to changing society - Roger Orr

grad rates 2013.jpgThe Cree School Board's Annual Report shows there is a 5% decrease in high school graduation rates compared with last year. This got Roger Orr thinking about how our education and society have changed since the signing of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement. 

The art of paddle-making with Abraham Cox

Abraham Cox in Workshop.JPGAbraham Cox grew up on the land, and has learned over the years the art of paddle making. He talked to our colleague Chris Herodier, while he was in the process of making a canoe paddle. Listen to the intervie

Cree - Chinese plan to build green energy project in Whapmagoostui

wdr-620-wind-turbine-ap007224571-credit-rick-bowmer.jpgRecently, representatives from Nimschu Iskudow Inc. travelled to China as part of a provinical trade delegation. They met with two Chinese companies in Beijing to formalize a plan to build a wind power and biomass plant in Whapmagoostui. Sam W. Gull was part of that delegation and he spoke with Christopher Herodier from Beijing. Listen to the interview

Aanischaaukamikw Artifacts, with Gaston Cooper

Some of you may have had the chance to visit the Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute in Ouje-Bougoumou... But for those who have not, we're going to bring some of their most prized artifacts to you, on the radio. Communications officer Gaston Cooper guides us through.

Paula Menarick beaded hood2 Mar 25,2014.JPG
Part 1 : Women's Beaded Hood. (Photo: Paula Menarick with her replica) Click here to listen to the audio

Part 2 : 100-year-old toboggan (Photo: Aanischaaukamikw Cree Cultural Institute) Click here to listen to the audio.

Part 3: They Odeyak (seen here arriving in New York, 1990). Click here to listen to the audio.

Language Keepers - Elsie Duff

10274017_10152138052742083_7392347172862229419_n (1).jpg
Elsie Duff was one of first Cree Language teachers with the Cree School Board. Though retired, she continues to work tirelessly to conserve our language, working with many organizations translating or teaching Cree. Terrence Duff spoke to her for our Language Keepers series. Listen to the interview