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Timothy Sawa

A producer and journalist in Canada for 18 years

For the last decade he has worked as an investigative producer for CBC Television, producing numerous news and documentary segments for Disclosure, Country Canada, The National, and the fifth estate. Sawa has won several awards including two medals from the New York Festivals, three CAJ Awards, a Hillman Prize and he was part of a team that was nominated for a Michener Award for an investigation into the Mulroney-Airbus affair. He has produced programs that looked at corruption in the Edmonton Police Service, exposed sexual and workplace harassment by Canadian fashion tycoon, Peter Nygard, revealed an aggressive lobbying campaign by tobacco companies to undo new Canadian labeling regulations, went undercover into the world of offshore banking and exposed allegations of sexual abuse in Scouts Canada. Sawa is currently a producer with the CBC's Investigative Unit and produces stories across the CBC News network.