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Curt Petrovich

National CBC Reporter, Vancouver

In 2000, Curt won the Michener award for meritorious public service journalism. Curt's work revealed a number of senior officials in the Filmon government in Manitoba were involved in a scheme to subvert the 1995 provincial election. Curt's investigation sparked a public inquiry which lead to changes in Election law, and a scandal which ultimately sent Filmon's party to the political wilderness where it has remained for more than a decade.

In 2001 Curt joined the parliamentary bureau, leading coverage of two other seismically stunning stories that unfolded in public inquiries: The extraordinary rendition of Maher Arar, and the Sponsorship scandal.

Four years later, Curt left the Hill for BC, where he took on the job of National reporter for the province.

In between foreign assignments in the U.S., Europe and Asia, Curt's investigative work has been recognized by a number of groups that celebrate excellence in journalism, including The Jack Webster Foundation, The Radio and Television News Director's association, the Canadian Association of Journalists, and The New York Festivals.