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David Milgaard

Speaker and Advocate for the Wrongly Convicted

David Milgaard is one of Canada’s best-known examples of wrongful convictions. He was charged with murder in 1969 and spent the next 23 years in prison. His mother, Joyce Milgaard, led a campaign to convince the justice department and the country that he was innocent. With new evidence coming forward, some of it furnished by investigative journalists, the case was finally reviewed by the Supreme Court of Canada. He was released from prison in 1992, and completely exonerated in 1997 when fresh DNA sampling ruled him out conclusively. Another man, Larry Fisher, was subsequently convicted of the murder.

Milgaard was awarded $10 million in compensation for his ordeal. An inquiry into his case recommended that the federal government create an independent review body to investigative cases of wrongful convictions. That hasn’t happened. He currently lives in Calgary.