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Wayne Kines

Co-founder of Westman Media Co-Operative

Wayne Kines has traveled the world as a journalist and multi-media communications strategist, living and working from three continents—always participating in local community and involved with family. He began at grassroots from his home village and has returned to rural Manitoba decades later, still actively working for the evolution of responsible global citizenship—for a prosperous and peaceful multinational world community.

From his early experience with print and broadcast media he was able to serve in an advisory capacity to national governments in Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe on their communication strategies for economic and social development. From the United Nations Headquarters in New York, he assisted in the founding of the UN Centre for Economic & Social Information and then established CESI operations in Geneva, giving priority to world youth and student initiatives for development. Growing concern for the environmental implications of human prosperity led to further initiatives for engaging non-governmental organizations in collaborative contribution to the UN Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm (1972). Thereafter he was engaged for three years in the founding of the United Nations Environment Programme [UNEP], working from world headquarters in Geneva, then Nairobi, as Director of Communications.

He has led the founding of 'community media cooperatives' to enable the creative participation of ordinary citizens in the democratic control of their local and regional cable television. Westman Communications Group now serves in more than 40 Manitoba.