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David Hutton

Executive Director, FAIR

David Hutton is committed to whistleblower protection as a means of safeguarding the public interest and the integrity of our institutions. He is a knowledgeable commentator and sought-after public speaker on the subject of whistleblowing and the vital role played by honest employees who speak out about misconduct. In 2005 he became concerned about growing corruption in Canada and decided to volunteer some of his time to help combat this. He joined FAIR, soon assumed a leadership role, and closed his consulting practice in order to focus on this work. In May 2008 he became Executive Director. Under his leadership FAIR has become well known as a strong voice for whistleblowers in Canada, the leading Canadian NGO in matters related to whistleblowing law, and a contributor to international efforts in this field.

David is also a published author and former management consultant, recognized as an expert in management systems and organizational change. During his previous career he served as a senior executive in industry, led a successful consulting practice for 20 years, worked with clients around the world, and published two authoritative books on quality management that have been published, translated and distributed on four continents.