Holding powerful interests to account is one of journalism's most important missions. It's critical to democracy and the preservation of human rights.

Audio recordings of most conference sessions are now available on the schedule page. Videos of Carl Bernstein and Peter Mansbridge speeches are also available.

That's why the University of Winnipeg and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation are organizing a conference to bring journalists, academics and the public together from around the world to debate some of the important issues that investigative journalism can help illuminate.

The conference will uniquely blend seminars and speeches from working journalists with papers and research presentations from academics.

The conference will cover many themes, from the importance of investigative journalism in highlighting basic human rights, to investigating corruption globally, to an examination of criminal justice abuses like wrongful convictions, imprisonments and torture.

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Honourary co-chairs

  • Lloyd Axworthy

    President and Vice-chancellor of The University of Winnipeg and former Minister of Foreign Affairs

  • Jennifer McGuire

    General Manager and Editor in Chief of CBC News

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Visiting Winnipeg

Winnipeg sits in the middle of Canada and North America. It's sunny and warm in June. Winnipeg has a lively sports, music and arts cultural scene and is home to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights.

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