CBC Windsor

Windsor Votes: At a Crossroad?

Karen Brady, CBC News

Here we are, after one of the worst recessions in memory, on the brink of recovery. Economists say that the economy sits upon the edge of a knife... sluggish demand and low consumer confidence haunt the markets.

"Spending and retail numbers certainly haven't been really robust but there has been a lot of back and forth. It's just that kind of recovery. Two steps forward and one step back." said Dan Hallett at Windsor's HighView Financial Group. Yet investment is up in the technology sector, often a leading indicator that the economy is growing.

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Coming out of this recession, the council driving the bus after October 25th will arguably set the tone for Windsor's future. Our town still has the highest unemployment rate among cities across the country. We have a decidedly smaller auto sector and according to local business, high taxes. But there's also hope - a new highway and possibly a new bridge that will bring thousands of jobs to the area. And our university and college are growing - in enrollment anyway. How can council capitalize on these opportunities? What kind of leadership is required to steer us in the right direction? And what other issues SHOULD the candidates be talking about in this election?

Council may steer the bus but we need everyone on board to make it a good road trip. In the next week, I'll be talking to people about town - community boosters, downtown boosters, and local business people to name a few. I want to find out what's on their minds and what issues should be top of mind for municipal candidates. We're calling it a Citizen's Agenda. And you can be part of the Agenda too. Send us your comments and questions below and we'll pose them to the candidates. So get on board!