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Windsor Votes: Ward 10

Unofficial election results from the City of Windsor.

Position Name Votes
Note: Unofficial results released by the City of Windsor

Candidates for Councillor

w10-paul-borrelli.jpgPaul Borrelli

Occupation: Developer | Candidate Website

Platform: With the skills and experience that I bring to the table and my commitment to be a full time councilor, I Paul Borrelli, am the best person to serve the Ward 10 residents and the City of Windsor.

With the challenges that we face, a candidate for a seat on council should be well prepared to deal with the tough issues that exist and those which are surely yet to come. I'm prepared.

I hold an MBA in marketing and finance and undergraduate degrees in sociology and education. As a teacher for thirty years I taught high school business, entrepreneurship and tourism and hospitality courses. As an entrepreneur I have owned and operated several successful hospitality venues. As a developer I have planned and executed extensive building projects involving both residential and commercial properties.

These accomplishments provide me a wealth of knowledge, practical experience and skills that I will utilize in my role as city councillor. If elected I will give my full time effort to address the concerns of Ward 10 residents.

w10-Jeff-Gaudette-webpic.jpgJeff Gaudette

Occupation: Traffic Co-ordinator, Canadian Transit Company | Candidate Website | Facebook | Video Message

Platform: This is not the Windsor that I have known. We need to work together while undergoing many challenges. I want to inspire others the way that I have been inspired by fellow citizens in the past. My job will be to unite this community together for a better tomorrow.

I've listened to residents of this great city and will represent their interests in rebuilding the needed infrastructure. Let's start with modernizing Dominion Road with sewers, wider lanes with sidewalks that give safety to residents and postal letter carriers.

E.C. Row needs to become safer reducing needless fatalities with simple structures like cement barriers in the median. Areas of ward 10 are lacking safe, secure sidewalks as our children walk to school and seniors go shopping. Building a new community centre in Remington Park will allow children to learn and flourish in a structured setting.

Great cities need to thrive and grow attracting job development for the city to become partners in the world market. Let's build business and promote job growth by showing the world Windsor's workforce's incredible skills. Streamline city hall red tape to attract world class entrepreneurs. Vote for Jeff Gaudette as councillor to start the actions.

win-elec-w10-AlMaghnieh-webpic.jpgAl Maghnieh

Occupation: Senior VP, Sober Steering Sensors

Candidate Website | Twitter | Facebook

Platform: It's time for new ideas, for new opportunities, to ensure our community continues to be the best place to live, the best place to invest, and the best place to raise a family.

Taxpayers expect a fair return on their investment. And that is what our property taxes really are, an investment in the strength of our community, an investment in us all.

If our roads are congested and crumbling, if streets are not plowed during the winter, if our libraries are falling behind then that means taxpayers are not getting a fair return on your investment in our community.

A fair taxation system and excellent service delivery is key to attracting new opportunities for people to choose Windsor as their place to live and start a new business.

Most important, the re-location of the Zalev Brothers Scrap Yard. We can no longer tolerate an unsightly and dirty industrial operation in our backyards.

As the Chair of the Men's Health Committee, I will work closely with our local health care partners to attract more doctors and specialists to our City.

w10-Sanja-Maric-webpic.jpgSanja Maric

Occupation: Co-ordinator, Worker Adjustment Centre | Candidate Website | | Facebook | Video Message

Platform: My name is Sanja Maric and I am running as a candidate for Ward 10 City Councillor because I believe that I have the knowledge, experience and proven record that will assist the residents of Ward 10 and the rest of the community of Windsor.

I have raised my family in Windsor and worked in a number of industries. As a workforce adjustment co-coordinator I have helped many people cope with job loss, the resulting housing and family crisis. I have helped many people find new employment and training opportunities. I believe in this City and want to be part of a leadership team that works effectively with our region's local governments and provincial and federal representatives to ensure that the people of Windsor get the help that they need now.

The top two issues are:

  1. Economic development to create jobs and business opportunities to allow our young people and families the opportunities to stay and contribute to our economic well being.
  2. I want to ensure municipal government works to support, preserve and enhance our neighbourhoods and diverse cultures and communities by providing key services to our residents.

Richard Tarte

Platform: I am 37 years old and a life long Windsor resident. I am a husband and father of two. I currently work in our Windsor community at the CAW Childcare Centre. My ten years of service is a testimony of my passion for young families and the education of young children. I am committed to build strong foundations for children, to become active and positive community members in the future. In addition, I serve at my local church, Heritage Park Alliance, as a volunteer in Children's Ministries.

Recently, I was very distraught over the closures of Windsor Municipal Childcare Centres. I was upset, with Council members that cited a conflict of interest, choosing not to debate, nor to speak for their constituents. I realized Windsor residents were not being represented; therefore I chose to participate in our municipal election.

My vision:

  • Reduce Property Taxes
  • Build Windsor into a family friendly tourism destination

I feel with my high standards of work ethic and morality, I would be a truly refreshing face on Windsor Council.

CBC News contacted all candidates in mid-August, prior to the election, and asked them to submit a photograph, website address, Twitter and Facebook accounts as well as 200 words outlining their platform. The content here represents what CBC has received to date.