Wild Canadian Year Director Films Rufous Hummingbirds In His Own Backyard

The Wild Canadian Year directors Jeff and Sue Turner are lucky enough to live in a hummingbird hot spot in B.C.’s Tulameen River Valley. “The arrival of the Rufous hummingbirds is always one of my favourite harbingers of summer.” 

These tiny birds push north from Mexico on the way to their northern nesting grounds. These can be as far north as Alaska — an astounding 6,000-kilometre journey.

Each year Turner and his neighbours set up nectar feeders to lend a hand to the little hummers. “They’re fun to watch,” says Turner, “bright as copper and very lively.”

These hummingbirds are among the feistiest in North America, returning to the same flowers and feeders each year. They relentlessly attack much larger hummingbirds trying to encroach upon their favourite spots.

Unfortunately, the Turners saw fewer hummingbirds this year than usual. This bird — which relies on finding the right conditions in multiple habitats at just the right time of year — is especially vulnerable to climate change.

Click play on the video above to watch.

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