River Otters Delight In the Frigid Saskatchewan Winter

Many of the iconic animals that call Saskatchewan’s Prince Albert National Park home — wolves, elk, bison and lynx — seem to stoically endure the tough winter months, longing for spring.  But not the river otters.

As researcher Graham Duggan discovered, “they appear to enjoy the winter and its cold temperatures and delight in the snow and ice on the frozen waterways.” 

Cinematographer Jeff Turner set up a blind to watch as a small otter family frolicked in the snow, oblivious to him.

These playful mammals, members of the weasel family, hunt for fish and crustaceans in the chilly water underneath, coming and going through the holes they make in the ice. The otters themselves maintain the holes from the start of winter onwards by using them frequently and not allowing fresh ice to set.

Click play on the video above to watch.

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