Watch Algonquin Park Come Alive At Night

As the sun sets and the stars shine among the glow of northern lights, a cast of delightful creatures emerge.

Due to its unique geographic location, you'll find creatures characteristic of both northern and southern Canada at Ontario's Algonquin National Park. 

It's home to over 1,000 species of plants, 53 species of fish, 31 species of reptiles and amphibians, 272 species of birds, 53 species of mammals and more than 7,000 species of insects! 

Every spring, as temperatures warm up, spotted salamanders, snapping turtles, wood frogs and other species begin to emerge from their winter dormancy.

Wild Canadian Year timelapse photographer Hugo Kitching spent several nights in the field to capture these stunning timelapse sequence as the park sprang to life, "you just need to put in the time and hope for something special."

He was surprised to see northern lights so far south and was lucky enough film them on three different nights with two cameras to get a variety of perspectives. 

"It's magical to see that return of spring to the landscape. During the nighttime, you notice how busy the forest is. The forest is definately awake at night, we just don't often get a chance to experience it."

Click play on the video above to watch.

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