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Summer is the second chapter in the spectacular landmark series THE WILD CANADIAN YEAR, revealing dramatic wildlife stories and showcasing Canadian landscapes at the peak of their splendour. 

Wild Canadian Year Director Films Rufous Hummingbirds In His Own Backyard

B.C. Mountain Goats Take A Trip Into The Valley To Soothe Their Sore Bellies

The journey begins in the offshore waters off the Pacific Coast of Canada, where four thousand Steller sea lion pups have just been born on a remote island. The boisterous sea lion pups are facing the danger of swimming in rough seas – but an even greater threat is lurking in the water — killer whales. An incredible hunt unfolds when a family of killer whales launches a stealth attack on the sea lions.  

West of the sea lion rookery, we dive beneath the waves to meet blue sharks, huge stinging jellyfish, and a bizarre-looking fish the size of a pickup truck — the mola mola. These warm-water loving creatures are following seasonal currents that swing closer to Canadian shores in summer. 

Summer is a season when young animals are on a steep learning curve. Their parents must shepherd them through the first trials of life, and teach them to master the skills they will need to survive on their own. In the Badlands, a mother golden eagle risks her life to defend her chick from a violent thunderstorm, and in the Columbia Mountains, mountain goat moms watch as their kids get to practice their fancy footwork on vertical cliffs as they make their first trip to a mineral lick.

Summer is also the best season to experience some unique seasonal landscapes. In southern BC, in Canadas only true desert, a bizarre Spotted Lake emerges in summer. As the sun evaporates the lake water, highly concentrated minerals are exposed, creating a stunning mosaic of yellow, white and green ponds. And in northern Saskatchewan, summer weather helps shape the extraordinary Athabasca Sand Dunes, a vast swath of sand covering 50 thousand hectares in the middle of the boreal forest. This mini-Sahara has seldom been filmed before. 

In the Arctic polar bears and three thousand beluga whales converge around the mouth of a river emptying into Hudson Bay. The whales have come here to give birth to their young in the warm, sheltered waters — but for the bears this is a unique hunting opportunity. Only a few, 500-kilo polar bears have learnt a daring hunting technique never before captured on film.

Revealing incredible landscapes, extreme weather, and dramatic behaviour in the lives of Canadas most iconic wildlife, summer is an exciting and intense chapter in The Wild Canadian Year. All captured in stunning 4K ultra-high definition, our journey through summer reveals the season as never seen before.

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