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From the filmmakers of the acclaimed series Human Planet and Planet Earth comes WILD CANADA, an epic four-part series presented by THE NATURE OF THINGS that takes place through time and across the vast scale of the Canadian landscape, revealing the country as it has never been seen before.

Like the groundbreaking Planet Earth series, WILD CANADA takes an awe-inspiring look at the world around us, shot with ultra-high-definition cameras that capture sweeping panoramas and extraordinary close-ups of Canada’s majestic terrain and diverse species. This is the largest natural history survey of Canada in our generation — filmed across the country, showing animal behaviour never before captured.

From the spectacle of massive humpback whales feeding off the coast of Newfoundland to ice-covered grizzly bears living near the Arctic Circle, to pronghorn antelope — the fastest hoofed animals on earth — racing across the prairies, the scope of this television series is unequalled. The stunning visuals are matched by a dramatic narrative, which tells the story of how humans have made their mark over millennia in often surprising ways. Unlike any nature documentary series before it, WILD CANADA puts people back in the picture.

A truly massive endeavour, the WILD CANADA team shot close to 500 hours of footage with almost 20 different cameras to capture the images that comprise the four-part series. Most images were composed in 4K resolution on the same RED Epic cameras used to shoot The Hobbit. Some sequences were shot at 10,000 frames per second to capture exquisite detail in slow-motion.

Accompanying the series is the WILD CANADA App for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Written by acclaimed author J.B. Mackinnon (The Once and Future World and 100 Mile Diet), and produced by the CBC and Secret Location, the App is a visually stunning interactive “coffee table book”, that features lush, high-impact HD video and photography from some of Canada’s most remote locations, as well as 360° panoramas, immersive soundscapes, fly-throughs, interactive infographics, and a wealth of exclusive WILD CANADA material available nowhere else. 

In addition, the interactive WILD CANADA website features behind-the-scenes stories of the skills and endurance of the filmmakers devoted to getting close to Canada’s amazing animals. And a DVD and Blu-Ray version of the series will be available, through the CBC Shop, in French and English following the broadcast.

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