Rain & More Rain for YVR, But Snow for Highway Passes...Jan 8th

  • A general 18-25 has already fallen across Vancouver since it began yesterday morning..getting more than half of that since midnight last night as the rain picked up
  • The cold front associated with storm number two will move through YVR tonight, steady rain continuing today for another 10-20 mm
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  • Winds will pick up as well tonight as the front passes through. Behind the front- a wet westerly flow will continue to bring in systems through to the weekend keeping it rainy & windy at times
  • Heavy snowfall is also forecast tonight on the southern mountain passes. Up to 20 cm through Allison Pass today and tonight and for sections of the Coquihalla Highway
  • The public is advised to monitor future forecasts and warnings as warnings may be required or extended.
  • Whistler should get snow at the alpine level over the next couple of days but the freezing level is not as low as we'd like ~1200m so not great news for Grouse but other mountains will take it
  • The strongest system looks to move through Friday night into Saturday..this one could end up prompting wind/rain warnings for the south coast as we get closer to the arrival 
  • Some sections could see close to 60-80 mm in a 24 hour period starting Friday night as well tap into tropical moisture. That also means snow levels will be rising..melting on the mountains could be a concern for the weekend
  • And this one's for Foxman as I had to ask who this was, but apparently some of the meteorologists in Seattle got an email requesting they not use the term "Breezy" for Sat so as to not promote Drew Brees :)

Sound the Retreat! The Continental Warm-up Has Begun
  • While wind chills are still in the minus 15 to -20 range across eastern Canada today..that's balmy compared to the last few days
  • Same story in the Prairies - still dealing with frigid -35 wind chills tonight but they are out of the warnings and relief is in sight
  • Accuweather is estimating 240 million people in the United States and southern Canada this week dealt with dangerous wind chills and winter conditions as a far-reaching January thaw begins.
  • By the weekend and into early next week, most of the country will actually be at or above seasonal
cold retreat.png

Nunavut Blizzard Weakens
  • Hurricane force winds (sustained at 110 km/h and gusting to 140 km/h at one point!) led to significant damage in some places
  • The windows of the CBC vehicle was smashed by debris and the building was empty for the first time in 14 years. Many schools were closed Wednesday morning and city vehicles in Iqaluit were pulled off the road. 
  • Some customers remained without power although crews worked to make significant progress.
  • To put it into perspective - this bomb of a storm was the pinwheel that spun down the polar air across the southern US.. it's all connected. So easing today means retreating temperatures. Or vice versa..

Ontario/NFLD SnowSqualls Still At It
  • Flurries and local snow squalls continue to be generated in the westerly flow off Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, and to the northeast of Lake Erie. Near zero visibilities in snow and blowing snow can be expected, with further amounts of 10 to 15 cm before the squalls begin to weaken this evening.
  • Meanwhile in the same westerly flow, snow squalls have developed for southern and western NFLD through until later tonight with 15 cm and zero visibility at times possible

International Space Station life 'to be extended'
  • Nasa has won White House backing to extend the life of the International Space Station for a further four years, until 2024.
  • Construction of the ISS began in 1998 and is a joint venture between the US, Russia, Canada, Japan, and states in the European Space Agency who will have to continue to support the extension
  • Many engineers believe the station could work safely until at least 2028.
  • http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-25660857

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