Big Storm Affecting Much of Southern BC Today: Snow, Rain & Wind Warnings...Jan 8th

 An intense low pressure system is approaching the south coast this morning...and will track across Vancouver Island tonight.

Ahead of the low, strong southeast winds are already picking up across Vancouver Island, spreading to the Sunshine this afternoon.

Rain began around 8 am for YVR and more moderate rain is developing over the Eastern Fraser Valley, intensifying even more this evening.

The heaviest amounts will be near Hope where total rainfall accumulations up to 70 mm are forecast by tomorrow morning. Rainfall warnings in place.

Snow has also developed over Whistler and will become heavy this evening. Snowfall accumulations up to 25 cm can be expected through this evening before the snow changes to rain near midnight.

Rainy start in Gastown

- The snow is also just beginning over the Southwest Interior and will intensify as it moves to the Columbia and Kootenay regions tonight. Total snowfall is forecast to be near 10 cm today tonight over the Southwest Interior and 15 to 25 cm tonight and Wednesday for the Columbia and Kootenay regions. Snowfall warnings in place.
- The southern interior highway passes will also see heavy snowfall and low visibility this afternoon through Wednesday
- Temps for Vancouver will remain mild as we get into the warm pocket of the system; steady at 7 this afternoon and through the overnight for YVR
- Rain will ease tonight for metro Vancouver but showers will continue tomorrow. And with the cold end of the system swinging through. temps will drop down to 4 ish for tomorrow afternoon .Wet snow at higher elevations not out of the question with the showers. Could also see some sunny breaks as well though
- Showers will continue to decease through the day tomorrow and Thu & Fri are looking sunny, but cold at this point. Colder air will continue to filter in for the end of the week with overnight lows dropping below zero; could be some of our coldest nights ahead
- A cool but dry northerly flow will prevail through Friday, but Saturday at this point could come with wet snow...clearing back out Sunday through early next week

Big Temperature Contrast Across the Country This Week...Then Big Cool-Down
- The jetstream is highly amplified over the next couple of days...meaning it is dropping down low across the west allowing Arctic temps to filter in for BC & AB for the end of the week...and riding high across the east allowing mild temps to bring highs into the teens for southern Ontario this weekend
- But by early next week the cold air will invade the east as well, dropping temps over 20 degrees in 24 hours in some cases (like Toronto) 
Experts may find way to predict quakes..Still Lots of Questions Though
- A rise in static electricity below the ground could be a reliable indicator that an earthquake is imminent, say scientists who are now launching an experiment to predict quakes well in time to save lives.
-  A a satellite engineer has spent millions of dollars putting specialist measuring equipment along fault lines in California, Peru, Taiwan, and Greece.
- Scientists' theory is that, when an earthquake looms, activity below ground goes through a 'strange change', producing intense electrical currents.
- There is science behind this but there are still way too many false positives and false negatives (ie get the signal, no quake or no signal but get a quake) for this to be useful.
Tracking device can find your lost luggage
- Sorry this wasn't invented before the holiday season
- A digital device that can track your lost luggage and tell you where it is had been introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
- A company called Trakdot has introduced its Trakdot Luggage tracker that can be slipped into a suitcase and report where it is in case the luggage didn't end up in the city its owner though it should
Giant Squid Filmed for the First Time
- Cool video (or gross depending on how you feel about squid)

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