Commissioner of the Inquiry into the Blood System in Canada from 1993–97. Krever is a thoughtful, stoic and learned judge who is thorough and unsparing. Charged with getting to the truth of what happened and making recommendations for how to fix the blood system in Canada, Krever opened the floor to anyone who wanted to tell their story. The inquiry was big news at the time and got a lot of media attention. Krever’s uncompromising, unbiased demeanor left the public often wondering if he was uncaring. The commission was sued by many of the institutions involved, concerned they would be unfairly blamed for wrongdoing in Krever’s final report - including the Federal government who had commissioned the inquiry in the first place.  The case eventually went before the Supreme Court. Victims felt some vindication that their plight was finally being heard and those responsible were being called out. His extensive report made recommendations that led to a safer and revamped blood system in Canada.