An astute and opinionated journalist who isn’t afraid to express his point of view. However, he isn’t quite as good at articulating his feelings. His greatest strength is his perseverance and ability to write down what he often cannot bring himself to say. When the series begins it is 2015 and Ben is 73 years old and speaking about the Tainted Blood tragedy and the book, he wrote about it. We then flashback to 1968 and show Ben and his wife being told their newborn son, Peter, has hemophilia. Ben is later devastated when the family learns that Peter has contracted HIV at the age of 15 from the blood products he takes. Worse, Peter’s infection could have been prevented. Ben is consumed by guilt. As a journalist it was his job to get to the truth and he feels like he failed. Over time, Ben becomes estranged from his son and his relationship with his wife Alice grows increasingly strained. Ben finally finds a purpose in telling his family’s story and the stories of other victims but his obsession with revenge against those responsible ultimately threatens to undo him completely.