CBC Comedy Presents: Schitt's Creek Week

To paraphrase Mariah Carey: It’s not bleak, it’s Schitt’s Creek Week! To celebrate the Golden Globe wins, we welcome you to CBC Comedy’s week-long celebration of the “little show that could.”

Schitt's Creek debuted on CBC on January 13, 2015. The show began with a doorbell ring, inviting viewers into the opulence of the Rose Mansion, and kicking off a journey that would last six seasons.

The title of episode one? "The Cup Runneth Over."

Filmed between small-town Goodwood, Ontario and big-smoke Toronto, the debut was met with warm reviews and even warmer fans. We were all drawn to the premise, the welcoming tone, the sharp writing, and the cast - a mix of established comedy icons Eugene Levy and Catherine O'Hara, and relative newcomers Emily Hampshire, Annie Murphy and Dan Levy.

It wasn't long though until the cup went from full, to fully running over. As the show went international via Netflix, hearts filled, fans grew, and so did the attention from critics, magazine covers and award-givers.

Now with two Golden Globes, nine Emmys, a GLAAD Award, two Webbys and well, a lot of other awards on the shelf, the show is certified comedy greatness. As your humble public broadcaster, CBC Comedy presents "Schitt's Creek Week," a celebration of the show, and a presentation of some the great Schitt's Creek content we've published here at CBC -- as well as highlighting some of the great content fans have made over the years.

Whether you are a new fan, or have been around since that first doorbell rang, it's been simply the best to watch you express your love for "the little show that could." Please check back here through the week as we'll continue to pull content from archives and add new content to this page. And we want to hear from you, as well. Hit us up on social at @CBCComedy and @SchittsCreek, or use #SchittsCreekWeek and let us know what the show means to you (..and of course, sending us GIFs are totally fine if you can't find the right words).

Schitt's Creek wins Golden Globe for best TV comedy, Catherine O'Hara earns best actress award

Series co-creator Dan Levy accepted the award remotely for the show and paid homage to the Canadian cast and crew. 'The incredible work you all did over these past six seasons have taken us to places we never thought possible, and we are so grateful to all of you for it,' he said.

103 things every Schitt’s Creek fan should know

How many times does Alexis say “Ew, David” on the show? How many wigs does Moira actually have? And where is Schitt’s Creek actually located? Find out in this ultimate list which includes surprising facts, easter eggs and trivia about Schitt’s Creek and it’s cast.

How this episode of Schitt’s Creek changed my life

LGBTQ+ fans of the show share their personal stories of how the episode “meet the parents”, in which Patrick comes out to his parents and introduces them to David helped them live their truth and come out to their own families.

30 memorable episodes of Schitt’s Creek

CBC Gem selects some of the show’s most iconic episodes, including some well known ones like open mic night and Patrick’s iconic 'Simply the Best' cover. As well as possibly lesser known episodes like the one that features Alexis’ first ever “Ew, David.” Does your favourite one make the list?

Director Andrew Cividino on Schitt's Creek’s success

Cividino helped direct the show to an Emmy sweep after he was brought on by Dan Levy to direct most of the episodes in season six. Including the iconic series finale 'Happy Ending' which he co-directed with Dan, and the two were awarded an Emmy for 'Outstanding directing for a comedy series.'

So long, Schitt's Creek and thanks for the music

Over its six seasons, Schitt's Creek has offered up some standout musical performances that we'll be coming back to for decades to come. From Stevie Budd's triumphant showstopper to Patrick's tear-jerking open mic solo to an awkward but loving lip sync, CBC Music looks back on Schitt's Creek's most important musical moments.

Dan Levy’s secret Schitt’s shopping sources

A little bit of Balenciaga and Givenchy and a lot of Etsy, eBay and consignment shopping is how Dan Levy was able to create such authentic costumes for all your favourite Schitt’s Creek characters on a budget.

Eugene Levy talks humour and why Schitt’s Creek had to end

After a successful career in comedy, and creating a multi-award winning show, Eugene Levy still doesn't think he's funny, and describes himself as 'not a stand up, naturally funny person.' And as for Schitt’s Creek, the star and co-creator says that the characters’ storylines came to natural conclusions.

Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara 42 years ago

Co-stars then and now, Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara in a 1979 interview with David Steinberg, the host of Canada After Dark. Long before the days of Schitt’s Creek, the pair now recognized for their iconic roles as Johnny and Moira Rose were both cast members of Second City TV, a Canadian sketch comedy show.

Schitt’s Creek is just that nice

When Schitt's Creek cleaned up at the Emmys, winning nine awards, what did its success tell us about who gets to make television? Elamin Abdelmahmoud, the host of Pop Chat is joined by writers Sarah Hagi and Kathleen Newman-Bremang to discuss the show’s success and how it’s “comfort food” for viewers.

Catherine O’Hara: The ‘sweetness’ of Schitt’s Creek

Since the comedy series Schitt's Creek ended with its sixth and final season last year, many are finding the series provides a place to go for love and comfort, which is felt behind a biting Canadian style of humour, says star Catherine O'Hara in an interview with The Guardian. 

Blooper reels for the soul

This round up of blooper videos from Schitt’s Creek seasons one to five have all the swearing, burping, fly-zipping, uncontrollable laughing and charming personalities of the cast we don't get to see in the series. You will have these reels on replay, we promise.

Pandemic life lessons I learned from Alexis Rose

Although Alexis Rose lives in a pre-pandemic world, her confidence and positivity while going from riches to rags is something we can all learn from and implement into our everyday lives.

Behind the scenes videos

From Interviews with the creators and cast on the making of each episode to funny stories between the cast members, take a journey behind-the-scenes of Schitt’s Creek while you follow along with each season.

Artists capture Schitt's Creek

From the striking eyebrows, to a glamorous wardrobe and iconic set, there are many elements of Schitt's Creek that inspire artists. These fan art pieces express an appreciation for the characters, relationships and representation on the series.

What we can learn from the forced closeness of Schitt's Creek

At no point in my adult life did I think I’d share anything with a family who, well, wasn’t real. But then the pandemic hit.

Memes just for Schitt's

Schitt's Creek truly is a show made for the internet. The series has over 3, 500 GIFs, and it's full of expressive characters and iconic lines that can relate to any mood you're in. Need a sassy response or a good laugh? We've got you covered with a list of our favourite memes.

Watch: All of Alexis' 'Boops'

This is the video we need right now: all of the times Alexis taps someone's nose out of endearment and says boop. See Alexis boop-ing her heart out.