CBC Comedy Presents: Kim's Convenience Week

“A show like Kim’s Convenience is proof that representation matters!” - Paul Sun-Hyung Lee; Canadian Screen Awards 2018

It all started with a play.

Launched at the 2011 Toronto Fringe Festival, Ins Choi created Kim’s Convenience from the story of his own family who lived above his uncle’s store, saying it was a “love letter to [his] parents and to all first-generation immigrants who call Canada their home.” The play then returned as a Soulpepper Theatre production, earning two Toronto Theatre Critic awards, as well as an off-Broadway run in New York City.

In the fall of 2016, Kim’s Convenience debuted as a prime-time family-friendly sitcom on Canada’s CBC Television, and the fringe play started on a path to become a worldwide phenomenon, met with critical and commercial success and spawned a passionate, international fanbase dubbed the Kimbits.

Above all the show’s many accolades and awards, Kim’s was a reflection of the experiences of Canadians not often seen on screen. Immigrants, and the children of immigrants, saw their own families represented. The cultural and generational gap between parents and their more modern and grownup children is a common experience, regardless of background.

The way Kim’s Convenience portrayed that tension in one Korean family turned out to not just be a Toronto story, or a Canadian story, but a universal one that resonated deeply with audiences.

As Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, who plays Appa on the show, once said “When you give people a voice, other people start listening. And when people start listening, things start to change!”

With one final “OK, see you,” we celebrate Kim’s Convenience for being a series that lifted voices unheard, represented families unseen, and further opened the door for diverse storytellers.

Join us through the week as we toast the legacy of the series with exciting new stories & videos, as well as highlights from across the CBC, as we count down to the show’s final episode. Follow along on @Kimsconvenience and @CBCComedy, and use the hashtag #okseeyou so tell us what the show means to you.

Kim's Convenience finale recap: Ok, see you

Well, here we are. When this season started, like many, I did not know this was going to be the last. So, again like many, I was dreading going into this final week thinking this finale would leave me unsatisfied. I’m happy to say I was wrong.

Bloopers and outtakes

It’s always fun to watch our favourite cast laugh at themselves. Let’s take a look back at season two’s hilarious blooper reel where lines are flubbed, cast are dancing, and spicy food is eaten.

The best of Kim's Convenience fan art

From painting and drawing to miniature models and even baking, the #Kimbits have created beautiful artwork inspired by Kim’s Convenience over the last few years. As the show concludes with its fifth season, we thought there would be no better way to tribute it than through the beautiful artwork of it’s dedicated fans.

What Kim's Convenience means to me

We had posed this question on the Kim’s Convenience Twitter account, and the response from fans was overwhelming. And really, that was expected. However, what was less expected was seeing how people’s experiences with this little show about a Korean-Canadian family mirrored some of my own.

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee on fatherhood, family, 'Star Wars' and 'Kim's Convenience'

As the patriarch of the Kim family on Kim’s Convenience, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee is a highly visible star of the series, and has earned two Canadian Screen Awards for his efforts.

Simu Liu on becoming Marvel's first Asian superhero

When actor Simu Liu tweeted at Marvel Entertainment on July 17, 2014, he had no idea how prophetic it was. ‘Hey @Marvel, great job with Cpt America and Thor,’ wrote the Canadian actor. ‘Now how about an Asian American hero?’

Jean Yoon reflects on her career and the success of Kim's Convenience

The actor, playwright, and behind the scenes advocate joined Tom Power live in the q studio to reflect on the ongoing success of Kim’s Convenience, the state of the film and TV industry for women, and why she has been championing diversity on stage and on screen since the 1980s.

How Andrea Bang landed her starring role — with no TV experience

Andrea Bang plays the independent, endearingly awkward art student named Janet, also the youngest member of the Kim family.

'We're more than just tokenism': Andrew Phung on the wild success of Kim's Convenience

When Andrew Phung auditioned for the role of Kimchee on Kim’s Convenience in 2016, one thing that immediately stood out to him was that his character description was more than one sentence.

How Kim's Convenience made TV magic during a pandemic

While COVID-19 didn’t play into any on-screen story lines in season five, it had a massive impact on the series behind-the-scenes. Not only was dealing with COVID-19 an obstacle, but the cast was down a member, with Simu Liu (Jung) stuck in Australia shooting Marvel’s Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings.

Before Kim's Convenience was a TV show

Back in 2012, a CBC reporter visited Choi on the set of the play of the same name for CBC’s The National. Based on his family background, Choi’s creation for the stage inspired the TV series.

10 small business tips from CBC's Kim's Convenience

Although the Kims arrived in Canada without English language skills, business connections or educational credentials, they teach lessons you can’t learn in school.

South Korean President Meets Kim's Convenience at G20

The internet has a lot of dark corners but Kim’s Convenience making a surprise appearance at this year’s G20 in Japan is a win for the Digital Age. Twitter lit up as South Korean President Moon Jae-in was handed a t-shirt by Minister of Foreign Affairs Chrystia Freeland. Footage of President Moon Jae-in accepting swag from the Canadian-Korean sitcom stunned fans as they rejoiced online.

Which Kim’s Convenience character are you most like?

The neighbourhood convenience store provides easy access to a limited product selection and usually a bit of friendly conversation. What Kim’s customer are you most like? Take this quiz to find out!

The series finale of Kim’s Convenience airs Tuesday, April 13th on CBC Television and will be available on CBC Gem. Check back here all week long leading up the finale, as we add new stories, videos & more at cbc.ca/okseeyou, as well as highlights from some of our favourite stories about Kim’s Convenience across the corporation.