Illustrated by Katie So, IG @ghostmeadow (Top row: Cassie Cao, Ann Pornel, Rizwan Manji, Simu Liu. Bottom row: Kris Siddiqi, Sandra Oh, Andrew Phung)

CBC Comedy Presents: Celebrating Asian Humour

''It's an honour just to be Asian.'' - Sandra Oh, 2018 Emmy Awards

I know what you’re thinking: We only have a month to celebrate the culturally diverse and rich heritage of Canadians of Asian origin? Well, the countdown is on, so let’s get cracking.

While the government of Canada has made a list of notable Asian Canadians including philanthropists, Olympians, military heroes, and scientists, CBC Comedy made our own list of heroes: the ones who work tirelessly, day and night... to make us laugh.

During Asian Heritage Month, we’re celebrating Asians changing the world one joke at a time.

From the Kims’ take on raising a family in downtown Toronto to comedian and Daily Show correspondent Ronny Chieng’s hilarious experiences as an international student in Australia, there’s a wealth of Asian talent and stories that’ll make you point at your screen and shout, “Yes! That totally happened to me!” while laughing yourself silly.

Kim's Convenience

Meet the Kims; they're a Korean-Canadian family who own and operate a little corner store called Kim's Convenience in downtown Toronto. Faced with Korean traditions and modern western ideologies, the Kim family paints a reflective portrait of the Canadian immigrant experience. And it's funny as hell!

The Family Law

If you're looking for something like Kim's Convenience... this isn't quite it. The Family Law is the story of a Chinese-Australian immigrant family, based on the memoirs of author Benjamin Law. The family is loving but dysfunctional, supportive but broken, hilarious but edgy.

Double Happiness

In her feature film debut, Sandra Oh plays Jade, the 22-year-old daughter and aspiring actress who lives with her strict Chinese parents. Finding her independence means defying the traditions that she was raised on. Double Happiness is also director Mina Shum's first feature film and she and Sandra would go on to collaborate many times over their careers.

Annyeong, Andrea!

Born in Burnaby, BC, Andrea Bang (Kim's Convenience) journeyed to South Korea during the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang. There, she explored the culture, food, and lifestyles of the people.


When college dropout Rajveer Singh (Vinay Virami) starts playing hockey, much to the dismay of his father, he proves to be just what the sports needs. Disapproval from his parents and discrimination from almost everyone from the league are just a couple of hurdles he has to face. Also starring Russell Peters, Rob Lowe, and Camilla Belle.

WATCH: Breakaway

'Pretty good kid': Get to know comedian Cassie Cao

''I never thought of myself as particularly funny, and my dream was to sit in a nice office with a very large window. I think I achieved this dream too soon into my 20s, that I have now moved on to chasing the exact opposite: standing with a microphone in a very dark basement.'' Comedian Cassie Cao rises from the desk to the basement.

Kim's Convenience's Simu Liu on his sky-rocketing acting career

''I would never in a million years have expected my life to have unfolded the way it did.'' - Simu Liu, soon to be seen as Marvel's first ever Chinese superhero in the new film Shang-Chi, reflects on his journey from accountant to superhero and everything in between.

Dr. Cabbie

Vinay Virami plays a brilliant doctor who immigrates to Canada from India only to find this new country is not the land of opportunity he was expecting. Despite his medical degree, he takes a job as a taxi driver, where, after having to deliver a baby in the back seat of a cab, he begins his own (illegal) mobile clinic. Also stars Kunal Nayyar (Big Bang Theory), and Rizwan Manji (Schitt's Creek).

WATCH: Dr. Cabbie

'Non-threatening sweet Japanese lady in da haus!' Get to know comedian Yumi Nagashima

Originally from Tokyo, Japan, Yumi Nagashima calls Vancouver home and has Canadian audiences rolling with laughter. However, Nagashima isn't limited to the stage; she also creates content for her own Youtube channel, which has 236,000 subscribers and growing!

Ronny Chieng: International Student

Comedian and Daily Show correspondant Ronny Chieng's hilarious series is about an international student (Chieng) travelling from Malaysia to Australia to attend law school. The series is based on his own experiences as an international student with some out-there conceptual episodes such as a riff on the Power Rangers and a video game quest episode.

Drawn Together: portraits honouring Asian Canadians

Last year, we commissioned an artist to illustrate daily portraits during Asian Heritage Month that spotlighted Asian-Canadian and American filmmakers, actors and storytellers whose works can be enjoyed on CBC Gem.

How Amanda Joy and Samantha Wan forged their own path in Canadian comedy

Second Jen co-creators, Amanda Joy and Samantha Wan, wanted to create a show that they saw themselves reflected in. One from the perspective of women of colour, that shared their view of the world and the stories of themselves, their friends and their families.

Paul Sun-Hyung Lee on fatherhood, family, 'Star Wars' and 'Kim's Convenience'

As the patriarch of the Kim family on Kim's Convenience, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee is a highly visible star of the series and has earned two Canadian Screen Awards for his efforts.

Ming's Dynasty

Take one part aspiring rappers from the 6ix, and one part Chinese restaurant in the Western Canadian prairies. From writer Antony Hall, comes the tale of Young Riesling (Hall) and his rapping partner, White Wyne (Calwyn Shurgold), two rappers who are out of their depths when they move to Alberta to work at Young Riesling's father's Chinese restaurant while also trying to make it big.

The Reluctant Landlord

All the way fom the UK, The Reluctant Landlord stars British comedian Romesh Ranganathan as a man who (reluctantly) inherits his late father's pub. With it comes a slew of new responsibilities all served in Ranaganathan's signature deadpan delivery.

Justin Wu: From aspiring photographer to Kim's Convenience's youngest director

When Justin Wu first got the call that he would be directing an episode of Kim's Convenience, he instantly broke down into tears out of sheer excitement and disbelief. Previously enrolled in a biology program at Queen's University and set to pursue a career in medicine, Wu never thought that he would one day direct for a multi-award-winning Canadian TV series.

Bit Playas

Bit Playas follows Ahmed and Leon as they spend their days hustling in the casting room, working jobs in the real world, deflecting the occasional 'soft racism' and dealing with their own identity crises.

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Forget the sweets, the real treat on The Great Canadian Baking Show is new co-host Ann Pornel

''I possess a lot of the same traits as many of my peers and friends in this industry, maybe it's just the fact that I also happen to be fat and Filipina? Those traits certainly find their way into my comedy because... it's literally what I look like and it's the first thing the audience sees. And it's also the first thing that I get judged on.''

'COVID doesn't discriminate and neither should you!'

Leonard Chan: 'COVID doesn't discriminate and neither should you!' The comedian took to 22 Minutes to break down the recent anti-Asian hate. Basically, stop the hate. It's stupid.

Andrea Jin hopes her grandmother never listens to her new comedy album, Grandma's Girl

Moving from China to Canada at the age of 10 and being raised by her grandparents, Andrea Jin says many of the jokes in her album are about her grandmother because she has such a large influence on her life.

The first all-East Asian comedy show in Canada

''In all my years doing comedy, this is the first time I can say my three favourite comedians are Asian,'' Vong Show told CBC Comedy. ''I thought, I need to do this now before everybody gets famous and moves away.''