Gridlock City: The Joyless Commute

In the next thirty years, a million (or more) new jobs will be created in the GTA.*

Most of those new jobs will be in office buildings.

Office space in downtown Toronto is limited and expensive, so these offices will likely be created in the 905 area, where industrial lands are being converted to business parks.

But it's a lot harder to take public transit to a business park.

Almost everyone working in business parks travels to work by car.

Without transit alternatives, a million more cars on the road may bring Toronto traffic to a standstill.

Find out more about the connection between business park development and gridlock, browse all our stories and see what our audience had to say when we had a live chat on these issues.

*Source: A Region In Transition, by Iain Dobson, Glenn Miller, Katherine Morton, Yousaf Shah, Charissa Jattan and Kailey Lamont of Strategic Regional Research (download 4.3 MB .pdf)


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Live Chat

To conclude our series on Friday, April 26th, we invited the audience to speak with Ed Sajecki, the Commissioner of Planning and Building for the City of Mississauga, and Glenn Gumulka, Executive Director at SustainMobility, about traffic problems and solutions around new business parks. Click "Replay" below to see the conversation.