CBC Toronto - Photo By Timothy Neesam
G20 Summit Toronto

(Most) bike rings will stay during summit


After one botched press release and some consideration, the city of Toronto has decided not to dismantle most of the bike parking rings within the G20 security zones in the days leading up to the summit.

City of Toronto spokeswoman Patricia Trott said today that only the bike rings that physically interfere with the construction of the inner fence would be removed.

They will be dismantled as construction of the fence progresses, she said. She could not say how many of the rings would be dismantled.

The city's decision comes after it issued a May 20 release saying about 1,000 bike parking rings within the outer security zone would be removed in order to conform with "G20 Summit security requirements."

After CBC contacted the city, officials corrected that release later that day.

The correction stated that the City was merely "investigating the possibility of removing some bike rings due to the G20. No decision has been made to remove them."

So it appears the city has clearly determined that the bike rings do not pose a significant security threat - although newspaper boxes are another matter.

Last week, the city removed hundreds of pieces of street furniture (newspaper boxes, garbage cans, transit shelters) within the security zones as a safety measure.