CBC Toronto - Photo By Timothy Neesam
G20 Summit Toronto

Excuse me sir, this is a no-kite zone

g20-street-kite.jpgAirspace restrictions will be enforced in Toronto during the G20 weekend.(Reuters)

The heightened security around the G8 summit in Huntsville and G20 meeting in Toronto has extended to the skies.

NAV Canada, the Crown corporation that regulates air traffic, has released the details of airspace restrictions during both meetings.

Toronto travellers need not fear - all commercial and cargo flights coming in and out of airports in the city (including Pearson and Billy Bishop) have been given clearance to operate as normal as long as they register their flight plans with the RCMP.

It is another matter, though, if you were planning on paragliding, flying a kite, or, erm, launching a rocket or two in Toronto.

Those activities are among a laundry list of restrictions that the G8/G20 security unit has mandated.

The restrictions also prohibit traffic watch flights, so it will presumably be harder for Toronto's private stations to provide commuters traffic updates.

They go into effect in Toronto from June 26-28, and in Huntsville from June 24-26.