Rob Ford: Caught On Tape

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As the mayor of Toronto finds himself in another caught-on-tape controversy, here’s a look back at other times the mayor has been recorded surreptitiously.

Rob Ford at KFC

During the mayor’s self-prescribed weight loss challenge, he was filmed walking into a KFC location on Jane Street. Innocuous at the time, it was the first in a wave of videos that caught Ford in embarrassing situations.

The alleged crack video

The now infamous video showing Ford smoking what appeared to be crack cocaine was taken with a mobile phone and made known last spring. There was an attempt to extort Ford using the video, according to police documents.

This video, while never seen by the public, but confirmed by police chief Bill Blair, has been monumental in the substance abuse saga of Ford’s mayoralty. Read the news story »

Taste of the Danforth

The mayor’s summertime appearance at the annual Taste of the Danforth street festival was peak Ford spotting. Throngs of people surrounded the mayor taking photos for social media. In videos, he was slurring his words. He later admitted to drinking a few beers. Read the news story »

Threatening video

A video secretly taped in a private residence shows Ford in what he called a "jocular conversation" where he threatens to kill an unnamed party. It came out on November 6, 2013. He later would say he was imitating former professional wrestler Hulk Hogan. Ford said he was embarrassed by the video, taken while he was "extremely inebriated." Read the news story »

The Steak Queen video

Ford was caught on tape around midnight on January 20 in a fast food restaurant in Rexdale speaking in Jamaican patois, swearing and making comments about Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair and the police surveillance that was carried out on him. After the video was made public, he admitted once again he had been drinking. Read the news story »

Rob Ford at St. Patrick’s Day 2014

Rob Ford at St. Patrick’s Day 2014

Ford was outside Toronto City Hall on St. Patrick’s Day into the night when he was captured on film by a woman passing in a cab. She got her photo with the mayor, who was again slurring his speech and swearing. Read the news story »

The new alleged crack video

In a video allegedly shot on Saturday, April 24, seen only by a couple of journalists (including Globe and Mail reporter Robyn Doolittle), the mayor can be seen with a metal crack pipe. Screen grabs from the video have been made public. Read the news story »

Karen Stintz comment

While not on film, an audio recording of Ford and others speaking at a bar in Etobicoke was allegedly recorded Monday, April 28. Of the subjects broached, Ford discusses provincial politics, what he would like to do to mayoral rival Karen Stintz and his marital problems. He is also heard ordering shots. Read the news story »

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