If you swatted a fly, went to a BBQ, patted your dog, set a mouse trap, or cooed at a LOLcats video today -- you may have noticed that our relationships with animals are getting increasingly complicated. The way we relate to and think about animals has changed more in the last fifty years than in the hundreds of years before that. We live, work, play, wear and eat animals in whole new ways.

On Tooth and Claw, we dive head first into some of the thorniest debates emerging from our complicated relationships with animals today -- the ones we eat, the ones we keep as pets and the wild ones, too. Why do we eat some animals joyfully, but feel disgust at the thought of eating others? Is hunting a great way for people to show their appreciation for wild animals? Is it time to rethink our relationship with cats, our friendly neighbourhood serial killers? Is it right for conservationists to pick winners and losers, and let some species go extinct? Could industrial farming ever be humane?

Host Peter Brown in Edmonton and field correspondent Manusha Janakiram in Vancouver find the urgent and the absurd in the human-animal relationship today.

Tooth and Claw is produced by Lisa Rundle and Peter Mitton in Toronto.

Thumbnail image for PeterBrownbiophoto.jpgHost Peter Brown

Edmonton listeners know Peter as the long-standing host of the afternoon radio show, Radio Active, and he's also been heard on many national programs. Peter is the only person he knows of who has appeared on both The Debaters and Ideas. No, he did not fact-check that. These days he produces the award-winning sketch comedy program The Irrelevant Show. Educated at the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Cambridge, Peter began his CBC career in Saskatchewan as a reporter, host and resident comedy writer. He then worked as a producer on the national arts magazine, The Arts Tonight, before moving to Edmonton in the mid-nineties. He's allergic to cats, so they crawl all over him. He loathes wasps, so they follow him in clouds. He has a puppy who pretty much ignores him.

Manushabiopic.JPGField correspondent Manusha Janakiram
Manusha has worked at CBC since 2007 when she won the Joan Donaldson Scholarship. While she still hopes to bump Anna Maria out of her chair, in the meantime she has busied herself working in both national television news and radio current affairs. Having lived in and travelled through Cameroon, India, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, France and Canada, Manusha's past encounters with animals feature snakes, rogue elephants, scorpions, whales, bears and gorillas. But her strangest animal encounter occurs on a daily basis with her family's French Bulldog who seems to be part dog, part dragon and part vacuum cleaner.

PeterMitton.jpgProducer Peter Mitton

Originally from the wilds of Rondeau Park, Ontario, Peter studied philosophy and literature at the University of Toronto and journalism at Ryerson. All this learning was then applied to several years spent criss-crossing the globe as a touring musician, playing drums in a Polaris Prize-winning band named after a great Canadian animal. These days he works as a producer at CBC Radio, starting a new position as a producer at The Current in fall 2013. He aspires to dog ownership.

LRphotoOne.jpg Producer Lisa Rundle

Omnivore Lisa Rundle lives with two dogs, one cat and a vegan (human). As a teen she launched a small, ineffective campaign to improve the image of invertebrates. Her death campaign against the mice in her home is accompanied by only minor spasms of guilt. Her cat once sent her to the hospital. She was a senior editor at an award-winning magazine named after the most unattractive marine mammal. When she is not wrestling with her contradictory relationships with animals, she produces at CBC's cultural affairs show Q.

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