Titanic: The Canadian Story

Thursday April 5 at 8 pm on CBC-TV
Repeating Friday April 6 at 7 pm ET on CBC News Network

"The race to build the fastest transatlantic ship will result in the greatest and most appalling disaster..." Charles Hays

Charles Hays was a visionary railway magnate and a member of Canada's business elite. He was aboard the "Titanic" that fateful April night a hundred years ago.

"In a minute there was chaos and confusion. Women rushed hither and thither and then the lights went out." Neshan Krekorian

That's what Neshan Krekorian observed in third class that night. Krekorian was a young Armenian man fleeing the persecution of the Armenian people.

"We were entirely surrounded by large cakes of ice and there was no food or water on the boat." Bridget Bradley

And Bridget Bradley lived to tell the tale of being in a lifeboat after the shock of the sinking. Bradley was a young woman leaving poverty in Ireland for a new life in a new world.

These are just some of the people you'll meet in Titanic: The Canadian Story. Among the more than 2200 passengers and crew were 130 men, women and children bound for Canada. They came from all walks of life, some called Canada home, others chose it as a place of opportunity or refuge.

In two hours of dramatic and emotional story-telling, we reveal for the first time on television the untold stories of the Canadians aboard through letters, diaries and first-hand accounts from surviving family members.

Their stories are about hope and heartbreak - about souls both lost and saved. The legacy of which still resonates today, from British Columbia to Newfoundland. And ultimately, this is a story about being put to the test - when the line between arrogance and sacrifice, cowardice and nobility - is fatefully drawn.

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