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Neshan Krekorian

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neshankrekorian.jpgNeshan Krekorian was told by his father to make a new life for himself in Canada - far away from the persecution of Armenians in what is now eastern Turkey. It was those words that echoed through his head as he travelled to Cherbourg, France where he boarded the Titanic on a third-class ticket. He made his way into steerage, carrying nothing more than the clothes on his back and a small suitcase. He was part of a flood of passengers - many like himself, who spoke little or no English. The White Star Line was banking as much on immigration traffic as on first-class bookings to make their money on these voyages.

Krekorian would be one of the lucky in steerage that night - clever enough to find his way onto a lifeboat and against the odds, survive to make that new beginning his father wished for his young son.

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