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Bertha Watt

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berthawatt.jpgBertha Watt was a young twelve- year- old Scottish girl travelling with her mother Bessie as 2nd class passengers. They boarded in Southampton and were heading to Portland, Oregon to be reunited with her father who was an architect.

Bertha and Bessie survived the sinking. In high school Bertha wrote an essay titled A Personal Experience on the Titanic, which was published in the school newspaper, which described the terror of the experience. In 1923 Bertha moved to Vancouver after she married a Canadian she met at college. Their son Don Marshall still lives in British Columbia. His grandmother, who lived with their family up until Don went to college, never spoke about the sinking. When the Titanic wreck was found in 1985 and the salvaging began Bertha Watt was angry because she thought of the wreck as a gravesite. Bertha Watt was the last Canadian survivor, she died on March 4, 1993.

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