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Arthur Peuchen

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arthurpeuchen.jpgArthur Peuchen was a married father of two from Toronto. The president of a chemical company, he was aboard the Titanic returning from a business trip in Europe. He boarded in Southampton on a first-class ticket. He knew many of the other Canadians in first class, including Harry Molson, the Allison family from Montreal and Hugo Ross. Peuchen was an expert yachtsman - a fact that would figure prominently in the events of April 15th.

The night of the collision, he was asked by a crew member to man a lifeboat. Afterwards, he was the only Canadians to testify at the US Senate Inquiry into the sinking. In Toronto, his actions were harshly criticized in the newspapers. It seemed that if you were a man and you survived, your motives would be under suspicion.

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