Marianne Farley

Marianne Farley is a director/screenwriter, producer, and actress from Montreal, Canada. By the time she was 19, Marianne knew that her career would take place in the Arts. Although she began her career as a singer, in 1997 her acting work started garnering attention. Fully bilingual, she has performed in a variety of projects in Canada, the U.S., and even Finland. Her work in television includes Heroes Reborn (NBC), This Life (CBC), 19-2 (Bravo), The Dead Zone, Le Gentleman, and Les Invincibles. In film, she has played in, among others, La Peau Blanche (Best First Feature film award at the 2004 TIFF, and Claude Jutras award at the 2005 Genie Awards), Christmas Choir, Imaginaerum, and Uvanga.
A true lover of the seventh art, Marianne has also produced four short films, one of which, Boxing day (Mon cher Robert), received a nomination at the 2010 Jutra awards. she is currently developing two features, one as a producer and one as a director/screenwriter. In August of 2014, more than ready to bring her artistic vision to the next level, she directed her first short film, Ransack (Saccage), which has been selected by numerous film festivals throughout the world.
Marianne has a passion for profound yet simple storytelling. Her experience as an actress drives every decision she makes as a director. The characters must propel the story forward in the truth of the moment. In November 2015 she studied writing with Dara Marks and Deb Norton (Engaging The Feminine Heroic) and it opened her up to a whole new perspective on writing for women.
Marianne is presently in preparation for her second film Marguerite, which she will be shooting in October 2016.