This American Life

This American Life on CBC Radio One

This American Life has aired in the United States for 15 years, produced by Chicago Public Media and distributed by Public Radio International. The program made its debut on CBC Radio One in January 2011. In 2001 Time named host Ira Glass "Best Radio Host in America." The predominantly nonfiction stories on This American Life are told in a unique, character-driven storytelling style, often described by Glass as being "like little movies for radio." Typical episodes present various stories on a theme, with segments ranging from highly-produced documentaries to straight interviews to memoir-style personal storytelling, woven together with Glass's casual narration. The stories often feature topics deemed non-newsworthy by other outlets, though in recent years the program has increasingly taken to producing stories about heavily covered and all-too-often drably reported subjects such as health care, elections and the global financial crisis. CBC Radio One broadcasts a mixture of new episodes and classics from the show's archive.