Of Music and Dance

Image credit Elvert Barnes

Image credit Elvert Barnes


The old saying is true ... it does take two to tango - you and your brain. Across all human cultures, music and dance are fundamental aspects of life. Why is it programmed so deeply into our nature? Well, the same pleasure chemicals involved in love and sex are also sensed with music and dance. Think about it this week with us and let your brain move to the music.

On this week's show Dr. Daniel Levitin of McGill University weighs in on how the very fabric of our social bonds is reinforced by a tight weaving of dance, music and neural networks. This braided arrangement is thought to be a large part of what has evolved to allow us to live in communities and enjoy ourselves at the same time. 

Roberta also spoke with Dr Steven Brown of the NeuroArts lab at McMaster University in Hamilton, who discusses the ways in which the incredible activity of our brains enable us to do the dazzling dances we dare to. 

Then hear from Dr. Elizabeth Page Gould of the University of Toronto as she describes the silent and invisible dances we're doing with each other all the time...on the inside. 

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