About Us


Think About It is your sonic user's guide to the brain. Leap into the current rush of brain mania and find out what's really going on upstairs...it's stranger than you think.

Speaking with scientists and leaders in the neuro landscape, Think About It takes you inside your brain to find out how we remember, how we see, learn and decide, even how we dance and sing and laugh!

We journey through the wonders of the brain to find out how it guides us, how it foils us, how it makes us who we are.


Roberta finds nothing more fascinating, challenging and bewildering than the human brain. A global traveler from an early age, Roberta splits her time between Canada and Argentina. Somewhere along her travels she became interested in how electricity travels through our brains and shapes our experience of the world. She is enthralled by the universe of complexity within each of our own heads, and she uses her unstoppable curiosity to parse out the places where science and culture of the mind meet.

Roberta collects ideas and curates conversations, on the air, on line and in galleries. As an award winning journalist, Roberta has produced hundreds of radio documentaries for the CBC and has worked with NPR.


Dick Miller is the Senior Producer. He spent thirty-five years with the CBC as reporter, host and producer in both radio and TV. He finished up his first career in Halifax as the documentary editor for The Current a couple of years ago. When the idea for Think About It came along, his retired brain kicked into gear and he began career # 2. Old dog, meet new trick.

Britt Wray is the Associate Producer. With a background in biology, she left the lab to explore science through the camera lens, microphone, and art gallery. She's combed through South American sands to study ants and run through Moroccan medinas lugging film gear. Fascinated by where the lab and culture blur, Britt likes science stories to be told from a curious combination of art and experimental evidence.

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