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Season 2 Episode 2: Technology

202 - Jan 18, 2019

This episode features Anne Marie and Peter, a couple who struggle to control their three kids' screen time. Rules and systems are regularly established and just as regularly ignored. They have a camping trip coming up, and mom and dad are hoping they can enjoy time together as a family. Will the kids be able to resist their screens or will the trip dissolve once again into a fiesta of bickering and recrimination?


Another couple, Lee and Jordan, encourage their kids to be as tech-savvy as possible. They both work in the high-tech world and worry their kids will be left behind in the job market because their school system doesn’t teach enough tech. Their 12-year-old daughter is already into coding and they couldn’t be prouder, but their 11-year-old son seems more interested in hockey, and that’s got them worried. Can they dazzle their son with the fun possibilities of technology to get him excited for the future of tech that his parents have embraced?

And finally, Aly's off-the-grid lifestyle is her ideal way of life despite the lack of creature comforts: no running water and no electricity. But she has to make a living and her soap-making business cannot be done without on-the-grid technology. She purchased her first solar panel. Can she get her business off-grid too?


  • Average age of the Canadian video gamer is 39.
  • Canadians average 5.6 hours of screen time a day outside of work or school.
  • Email continues to be the number one online activity for 89% of us.
  • 21% of Canadians won’t go outdoors if there’s no Internet.
  • Canadians typically check social media seven times a day.
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